We believe that compassion  and connection are core to healthier,  more flourishing people, organizations, societies, and natural ecosystems. 

Our Vision
We imagine thriving organizations whose criteria for success
are about more than power and wealth. 

We see a world where resilient, thriving individuals are engaged in high-quality and meaningful work, collaborating with creative and inspired colleagues in organizations where they feel supported, challenged, and valued.

We envision a compassionate society where people live in healthy, safe, connected communities, while respecting and nurturing
our shared natural environment.


We help organizations design healthy and 
compassionate cultures that reconnect us...

Photo Credit: Shannon Shaw
Photo Credit: Jennifer Pitts

...with ourselves

...with others

...with the environment

...with the system

Becoming healthier, more compassionate, and flourishing individuals.
Cultivating supportive health values in individuals, families, organizations, and communities.

Expanding our awareness of the intricate interconnections between everything within and around us.
Promoting positive connections with our natural and built  environments.

This Institute will be a  continuously evolving resource that can help support your efforts to create a healthy and flourishing world.

Whether you are an employee, a community citizen, the leader of an organization or community of any size or type, or anyone who values health, well-being, and flourishing, w e invite you to share our vision and join us in our mission.